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Geoffrey Ciani , 4/25/2011 9:31:49 PM

Vic Darchinyan appeared on episode 121 of "On the Ropes Boxing Radio"

(Interviewed by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 121st edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with former two division champion Vic Darchinyan (35-3-1, 27 KOs) who is scheduled to face Yonnhy Perez (20-1-1, 14 KOs) tonight at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California. Darchinyan spoke about his upcoming fight, reflected back on some key moments from his career, expressed his desire for a rematch with Nonito Donaire, and gave his views on matters pertaining to the current boxing landscape. Here are some excerpts from that interview:

How he feels about his upcoming matchup against Yonnhy Perez:

ďIt was very good preparation in Australia. I feel very, very strong. Mentally and physically is both very important for a boxer, because you to train your body you have mentally prepared and I feel very comfortable and very good.Ē

Regarding his attitude going into his fight with Yonnhy Perez:

ďI lost my fight with Abner Mares. I tried to show all the world my skills because they are always talking about my power. They know Iím very powerful. They are never talking about my skills. I tried to show all the world how skillful I am. I feel I showed that. I believe I won the fight but the judges gave Abner Mares the decision. I lost by one point. In this fight Iím going to mentally and physically very ready and Iím going to show the world how powerful I am.Ē

His overall views on Yonnhy Perez as a boxer:

ďHeís a busy fighter. I think heís a good fighter. Heís a busy fighter. Heís not a power puncher. He doesnít have one punch, but heís busy. His work rate is very high. So Iím going to go against him and Iím going to show more power and my work rate is going to be higher than his.Ē

On what he think this fight means to both men since they are both coming off of a loss:

ďHe lost to Agbeko. Agbeko beat him. I donít think I lost my fight. My fight was a bad judgment. I am talking about Abner Mares. He punched me twenty times with low blows. The judges have to look out and they have to stop and either disqualify him or going to take points. The kid tried to his best. He wanted to push me, he wanted to punch me, and he wanted to throw low blows. He wanted to survive! Thatís what he did! If Mares didnít punch me with low blows I would have knocked him out! Thatís why in this fight Iím going to crack Yonnhy Perez and Iím going to show how powerful I am. After this fight theyíre going to talk about this weight division and they will know that I am the best in this weight division.Ē

Regarding what he could have done differently in his fight against Abner Mares to have more success:

ďIf I meet him again in a rematch I will knock him out in three rounds. I promise I will knock him out and everyone will see how good I am in front of him. It was just my tactic to show everyone how skillful I am. That is why I let him do all those dirty tactics with me and punch me with low blows all over twelve rounds. Coming back he never takes points and he hits me low again. I couldnít breathe. I couldnít hold my breath and the referee was warning me! The referee was telling me if you keep putting your hands up Iím going to take and deduct a point. What does that mean? I take my hands down and let him punch me? Bad judgment? I donít know or if the referee was his cousin or something. Itís terrible in boxing when something happens like this. Next fight Iím not going to leave any judgment for judges or any referee Iím going to my business on my own in the ring.Ē

His views on the fact he seemed to abandon his jab against King Kong Agbeko after utilizing his jab well in his previous three fights:

ďIf you remember in the Agbeko fight yes, I did not use my jab. I just wanted to land a big left. I know I made a mistake in this fight. I want to fight Agbeko again because I made a mistake.ď

On what he learned about Yonnhy Perez from watching his two fights against King Kong Agbeko:

ďYou know whatís happening is my boxing style is different. Every time Iím looking and Iím like judging something. Every time Iím watching my opponent Iím thinking heís not quick enough, Iím going to knock him out. Then comes the fight and I fought the wrong fight. It happened with me with Agbeko. I had seen Agbeko fight before and in my mind I know Iím going to come knock him out, and if you remember I came out and started throwing big lefts and I was missing all the time with my left. If any one of those had connected I would have knocked him out. I couldnít connect because I shortened my punches. Iím very good when I donít know too much about my opponent. I like to know them in the round. After a few rounds I start doing what I love to do and Iím coming on top of it. If I am watching too many tapes Iím doing more mistakes. I love when Iím judging them myself in the ring. A couple of rounds is enough for me so I can tell what they can do.Ē

Regarding his knockout loss against Nonito Donaire and how he believes he has changed as a fighter since then:

ďNonito Donaire was in the top ten at the time. I gave him the opportunity to fight me for a world title. I trained good but I didnít take him too seriously and I lost the fight. What happened? Yeah he was connecting with his left hook, but after a few rounds I was coming at him with big lefts. If I connected he would have gotten knocked out. He gets me before and I jumped at him. I jumped with all my weight with a big jump which is a big mistake in boxing. After that fight I moved up and I become undisputed world champion. I had three belts. I offered him.

I said, ĎListen Nonito, if you think youíre stronger than me, come! You just moved up to 115 too. If you think youíre stronger than me come fight me and take my three belts. You will become undisputed world champion in one go. You wonít have to fight three champions and wait for them. Come fight me and go!í

His answer was, ĎNo! I beat you already! Why do I need to box you again?í

ĎIf you beat me and you know youíre better than me then come take my three belts in one go.í

Itís already maybe four years. Iím challenging him. Iím doing everything. Iím saying things about him and putting him down and taking cheap shots and all that stuff. I want to show all the world I made a big mistake. It was four years almost. At the time I was young at 31. Now Iím 35. Come fight me! If you think youíre better than me then come take my titles. The guy is just using my name all these four years. Every time stories come up about him they say he beat Vic Darchinyan. Okay! I made a big mistake it was all in the past. Everybody makes mistakes. You want to prove youíre better than me? Fight me again and beat me again! Thatís why I donít want to mention any more his name. He used too much my name. Every time I challenge him he mentions my name and that he beat me. Who was he before? No one! And heís going to finish as no one. He fought me. Whoís Fernando Montiel? Iíve been challenging him for years but he wonít fight me. He never took my challenge. Donaire got important only through my name. If he wants to fight me, yes! If not, I donít want to hear any more about his nameĒ

His views on Nonito Donaireís rise to pound-for-pound greatness and what he has accomplished:

ďHeís done nothing! Whatís he done? Before Fernando Montiel he was fighting older and smaller guys. They were guys from 106-112 or something. He was fighting all of these smaller guys. He fought Fernando Montiel? Yes! He rushed him because he felt he could knock him out and take him out as quick as he could. If Fernando Montiel fought me I would knock him out too. Heís good, heís strong, and heís on the pound-for-pound list. Letís fight me and see how strong you are. Iím now 35. Iím not young. Physically I can tell you Iím very strong and I am ready for any fight.Ē

Regarding who he would most like to rematch: King Kong Agbeko, Nonito Donaire, or Abner Mares:

ďI think Donaire is better for me. If I fight Donaire and everything comes back. My confidence and everything is there. Iím still very confident about any opponent. I just want to knock him out. Like I said years ago, Nonito when I fight you I made you and Iíll break you! Thatís what Iím going to do. Iím going to destroy him and then nobody will even remember him.Ē

His views on being an underdog in his impressive victory against Cristian Mijares:

ďI even told everyone at the press conference before the fight I was going to knock him out. I was not surprised. I just loved that people were putting me as an underdog. As an underdog they think someone is better than me. I have to prove something to my opponent too. Iím much better than him. Now thatís why all of these four years I want to prove all the world with Nonito Donaire. I was how he became popular and everyone will know how easily I would handle him after. Yeah, against Mijares I was a big time underdog and like you said I came and destroyed him. But he was smart. He was trying his best. I told him before the fight I was going to be faster than him. I was going to throw more punches than him. Everything that I said at the press conference, thatís what I did.Ē

Regarding his favorite boxers who he most enjoys watching fight:

ďRight now I love Pacquiao. I love watching Pacquiao's speed against bigger guys right now at the moment. Also my favorite boxer of all time was Mike Tyson. I liked his power and speed and how he combined them together using speed and power at the same time. When I was a kid like 8 or 10 years old I wanted to be a guy like Tyson who showed my power. Thatís it! Heís my best fighter in the world when I started boxing.Ē

His views on whether Shane Mosley is too old to compete against Manny Pacquiao:

ďI wouldnít say old. Old is coming when you canít do it with your body, when your body doesnít want to train. Iím not too young too. Iím 35 years old but I can go to the gum and train for four or five hours and I feel I want to train. If you feel in your mind youíre already old itís better you just retire. I think Shane Mosley still has speed. This is going to be very difficult for Pacquiao. I think Pacquiao will come over and show that heís more aggressive because in every fight he is showing that he wants to destroy his opponent. Heís aggressive, heís going inside, and he does his job. I like Pacquiaoís style and aggressiveness! I can tell you that Manny Pacquiao is much better now. Pacquiao before was using only his left. He wanted to land the left. Now heís using his right and using his jab and hooks and thatís why he can take control of his opponents. I still think itís going to be a good fight. Shane Mosley is 39-40. People think he is old but he is going to give a very good fight to Pacquiao.Ē

Regarding how much longer he intends to box professionally:

ďAnyone who comes in the ring and shows me heís more powerful than me, Iím going to go out the next day and retire.Ē

His final prediction for his fight against Yonnhy Perez:

ďMy official prediction is Iím going to look for a knockout from the first round and a knockout will come! You will see how good Iím going to be in the ring. After this fight everyone will talk about my power and about me.Ē


For those interested in listening to the Vic Darchinyan interview in its entirety, it begins approximately one hour and six minutes into the program.



This article also appears on East Side Boxing

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About the author: Geoffrey Salvatore Ciani shall someday name his first-born son ďSantinoĒ because he fancies the name ďSantino CianiĒ.

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