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Is this chick too crazy for the effort?

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"That guy"
Clarkeon , 9/4/2007 10:33:36 AM

Every drunken group of guys needs "that guy".

Every drunken group of guys needs "that guy". "That guy" is sort of like the "wing man" except he goes for the nastiest biggest woman at the bar or party every night. He does this not for his own gratification but for his friendsómuch like a soldier who dives on a live grenade before it explodes to save his fellow soldiers from harm.

I mean, letís face it, when we are drunk after 2am, us guys will take anything we can get. Somebody is going to hook up with the big girl, eventually.

"That guy" takes one for the team so we don't have to. That is why we need him to establish claim to the bigger unattractive women early in the night. "That guy" puts his life and reputation on the line regularly by hooking up with women two to three times his weight.

He does this so his buddies don't suffer from the post traumatic stress syndrome that follows after a night of getting busy with a woman who weighs twice as much as you.

Next time you're in the bar buy "That guy" a drink.

About the author: Loves drinking, drugging and kicking ass.

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