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Seeking Madam Mushroom &
The Superbabes: Double Feature

Seeking Madam Mushroom Contestants

An exclusive interview with
Self Appointed President Geoffrey Ciani
July 8, 2007

The following is an exclusive interview with Self-Appointed President Geoffrey Ciani about Mushroom Cloud Production's new feature film, Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes.

What is Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes: Double Feature?

It's a new movie based on an online show based on a beauty pageant based on one of the most ridiculous ideas to meet women ever based on a need for the "filmmakers" to get out more.

I'm sorry, Mr. Ciani, but that's not very helpful. How's anyone supposed to know what you're talking about?

They aren't. They're just supposed to buy it, watch, and witness our unique genius!

Are people really calling this new movie "genius"?

They're calling it all sorts of things. More importantly, the world's smallest media empire is calling it all sorts of things. Borat with vision. Monty Python with babes. Or, my personal favorite, Girls Gone Wild for the arthouse-crap crowd.

Wow, that's the word on the street about Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes: Double Feature?

It's a very small street, but yes. That's what we're saying about the film over at MCP headquarters.

Can you tell us a little bit of what the film is about?



Eight babes personally selected by me and my vast knowledge of babe-spotting expertise. And an Elvis-impersonator. And that scumbag Christian Twiste.

That scumbag Christian Twiste?

He's like herpes. I can't get rid of him. He just keeps coming back. I don't think he has anything else to do really.

Will the Superbabes be making an appearance?

Of course! My vision can't be contained in one plot, hence the need to add an entirely separate story, with an entirely different set of characters, that takes place in an entirely different world.

That sounds like it might be a little confusing...

It could be if the story's themselves weren't so mindless and stupid. To be honest, I don't even know who writes this crap. What sort of sick asshole dreams up a character like Superfag?


Who told you about Superfag?

Um, you just did.

This interview is over! Mushroom Cloud Productions will not tolerate any leaking of sensitive plot or character information prior to when I want to take that leak.

And there you have it folks. Self Appointed President Geoffrey Ciani will take his own leaks. We'll keep you posted on any new developments as the team at MCP headquarters toils night and day to complete the movie and try their hardest to trick you into buying it. In the meantime, check out the sample scene and teaser footage.

Watch Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes online now

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More on Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes

Seeking Madam Mushroom is the only official, mostly fake beauty pageant (we like to be snobs and call it "postmodern," as in the world's first and only "postmodern" beauty pageant) for the world's smallest media empire. Seeking Madam Mushroom features the world's most beautiful women competing in the world's most silly and stupid videos, and if they are very, very lucky the finals—for the right to earn the coveted Mushroom Crown and appear in the soon-to-be-released feature film, Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes: Double Feature.

At least, that's the plan, and we're told that's the important thing. After all, you can't be a succesful company launching a succesful product without a detailed business plan.

I'll admit ours probably has (more than) a few holes in it at the moment, but have no fear Self Appointed President (SAP) Geoffrey Ciani is filling them in right now. In fact, so many holes have been filled that the film itself is in the final stages of editing and post-production. Yes, that means we've already selected the eight babes, filmed the finals and the special Superbabes half-hour extravaganza that we are now almost entirely focussed on filling in numerous plot-holes instead of plan-holes.

But what is the plan you ask? It's simple: There's this "postmodern" beauty pageant called Seeking Madam Mushroom. Well, there's sort of a pageant, but there's also this internet show based on the aforementioned pageant called—you guessed it—Seeking Madam Mushroom. Yes, I guess you could be a snob and call the internet show the world's first and only "postmodern" internet show.

And yes, the show and pageant are sort of the same thing, I guess. The show is about the pageant. To be certain of my meaning you might say the show records the proceedings of the pageant in "postmodern" montage form mixing an eclective blend of footage featuring babe contestants, sophmoric humor, and even Sonnets, and, likewise, the pageant forms the "postmodern" heart of the series: in short the two are inseparable.

Indeed, you might be a snob and say the "postmodern" pageant is really the "postmodern" show. We wouldn't, but you might.

Are you following me here? No? In that case, just watch it and buy the movie when it is finally released. It might actually be funny, we hope. At least it will be cheap.

Or you could always, sponsor it as there other almost unlimited expensive and inexpensive ways to get involved in the insanity and stupidy.

Seeking Madam Mushroom Contesants 2

A few words on the origin of the idea

In truth, the initial conception of Seeking Madam Mushroom was a bolts of lighting so bright it almost blinded us. Though it might have have been the booze. After all, that's what our neighbor's reported when they called the police for have an unlicensed lighting machine in the basement.

Regardless, there was a moment so shimmering in its inherent genius and so magnificent in the glory of its birth, that both myself and Self Appointed President Geoffrey Ciani were driven to tears. There was just nothing else to do once we realized we could fake a pageant to meet hot chicks and film those chicks to make a show for our brand new baby: The Mushroom Mag.

Truly, this idea killed so many birds with one stone, that stone needs to be classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction by Dubya and the United Nations.

On the other hand, I'm sure you would like some scientific data to back up our claims of brilliance. To ease your concerns, we had the Magic Mushroom Machine provide a comprehensive outcomes analysis of the whole affair:

Possible Outcome 1: We actually try to host a real contest featuring real women (Enter today!) and release the whole event as an online series with all sorts of stupid shit the masses seem to like.

Possible Outcome 2: Failing that, we just hire actors, make it the whole thing up, and pretend number 1 occurred complete with stupid shit the masses gobble up like crack cocaine.

Clearly, we had no choice but to put all our time and money (consider these the eggs) in this single proverbial basket no matter what the silly old adage claims. Wouldn't you have done the same?

Seeking Madam Mushroom Contestants 3

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What the hell is Seeking Madam Mushroom?
The finals
Filmed on location in
North Carolina
September 9-16, 2006

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