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Is this chick too crazy for the effort?

Vic Darchinyan: 'I love watching Pacquiao's speed against bigger guys right now'

Victor Ortiz: 'I can tell you Pacquiao-Mosley is going to be a great fight'

Chauncy Welliver: 'We were just offered a deal in China'

Buster Douglas: 'I really like that Manny Pacquiao'

Robert Guerrero: 'You can never count Shane out against Pacquiao!'

Teaser #2
Hey Superbabes (Footage from the feature)
Released: November 30, 2006, Running Time: 1:46

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You're watching a special sneak-peak at the new
Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes: Double Feature.
Don't forget teaser 1! (And Teaser 2 & Teaser 3 & Teaser 4)

Seeking Madam Mushroom &The Superbabes: Double Feature
interview with Self Appointed President Geoffrey Ciani.

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In case you missed it, watch
the Superbabes in Operation C.O.C.K. Part 1.

Superbabes Photo 1

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Teaser Credits

Seeking Madam Mushroom & The Superbabes movie was filmed on location in North Carolina from September 9-16, 2006. Blending footage from finals of the Seeking Madam Mushroom pageant with an all new Superbabes story in a mad mix sure to piss people off as much as it pleases, the movie being edited now and should be completed some time in 2007.

Edited by
Geoffrey Ciani

Seeking Madam Mushroom Created By
Christian Twiste & Geoffrey Ciani

Superbabes Characters Created By
Christian Twiste, Geoffrey Ciani, and Mark O'Grady

For more information contact info@eatthemushroom.com

What the hell is Seeking Madam Mushroom?
The finals
Filmed on location in
North Carolina
September 9-16, 2006

Meet our contestants

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Footage From the Movie!
Preview Scene

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Why Pacquiao is better off now that Cotto is going to fight Mayweather instead
Why Pacquiao is better off now that Miguel Cotto is going to fight Mayweather instead

Why Wladimir Klitschko will make quick work of David Haye
At the end of the day, Klitschko has every advantage going into this fight.

Amir Khan: 'Manny Pacquiao and me will never fight!'
Amir Khan appeared on episode 121 of "On the Ropes Boxing Radio"
Dude, who do you respect? I respect my father: hes older, hes wiser, and hes smarter, dude. Dude Donato
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